We help industries, cities and public authorities to develop actionable plans and map the opportunities for the transition to a circular economy model.  

Circular economy unlocks growth and development without turning our limited resources into waste. On the contrary, resembling the natural ecosystem, it keeps materials flowing and reintroduces them into the economy. In each value chain, multiple actors should work together to define new material loops, design new products and circular business models, while setting boundary conditions.

Our circularity approach covers all stages; from design to disposal. It requires design, technology, management logistics and business models to be tailored and considered as a system. In line with the waste management hierarchy, we focus on prevention and material life extension. We look at a broad range of supporting solutions: from big data, product and material design, to business models and behaviour incentivising tools.

Bax & Company brings together all the actors of a material value chain to develop and implement the best transitioning strategy, taking into consideration all the synergies that exist in each particular ecosystem.

What do we do?

We work towards a circular economy in various ways:

Match-making between problem and solution providers

Bax & Company has an expansive network that covers a wide range of sectors and areas, including material science, big data, robotics and environmental science. We are in close contact with many relevant stakeholders, such as cities, universities, SMEs and big players in the industry. We connect different parties that complement each other and we guide them in building solutions together.

Transistion strategies

We support public authorities and industries with assessments of production lines and financial models in order to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy. We arrange workshops and support the implementation of the transition strategy.


We create tools to help the client to make better decisions, e.g. scenario planning and lifecycle costs assessment.


Shall we get started?

If you want to work towards a circular economy but don’t know where to begin, contact us.